˗ˏˋ [EN] Get your new year's resolution ˙ω˙ ˎˊ˗

Happy New Year's world ~♡

How was your last year?
It's good, Isn't it? 

My 2017's full of insipidness. I finished high school and prepare my self to become a collegian. It's a bit of boring 😓 Then when I looked back to last year, I realized that I didn't set my resolution. I just waste my breath as if I still alive for today not tomorrow 😒

˗ˏˋ [EN] 30 Facts about ME ❤ ˎˊ˗

It's me💬 ∾〰 ♡ 〰∾

1.My complete name is Jidapha Promkhod. People close to me called me Jida. But I want them called me Mild. Either way I don’t care.

2.I’ve a Chinese name it’s Liu Fang (刘芳) but my Chinese friends usually call me Fangfang (芳芳).

3.I’m full Thai and I was born on September. Blood type A. INFP.

4.I’m  super super super family oriented, Because family come first above anything else.

5.I love taking photos and generally not post those on my Instagram. Because I love to keep it in photography more than upload to SNS.

6.I love to spending time with movies and anime. I love a lot of movies but I’ve the only one anime in my mind. It’s Detective Conun.  My favorite character is Hello Kitty. I’d go bankrupt if I had the whole home adorned with it.

7.I love reading books. I can read any kind of books but not horrors. And I can’t watch the horror films either alone or with another.

8.Just a heads up. I don’t drinks or smoke or going clubbing. Pretty boring person.

9.I can go out with m…