˗ˏˋ [EN] 2018 life updated ! + plan about future life ˎˊ˗

✨🌈ℋello everyone 💖🌛

welcome back to our comfort zone 📍

How are you today? 
It's great? it's it? 👍💕

I wish your day was better than yesterday 👌

So, today I decide to write a blog after I had gone for long time 😓 Today it's a 2018 life updated blog


First, now I'm 19 years young💬 and I currently on a gap year after high school. And I spend many times to study an English for improve my English skill,  because I used break-grammar🔇 since I was young (now I'm still young 😝) And I absolutely want to study in university in this year. I'm also self-studying Korean and Chinese language💯 to get a solid of foundation for the faculty which I want to attend.  I'll be taking in university, as well as to get some repetition so I don't forget everything I learned in high school. 

By the way I actually want to study aboard for privacy reason🔐. And I plan about my working life already. I choose a company in my hometown for my working life. It's a huge company which everybody must know it if I mention their name. And language is very necessary for this work place. 😀💭

And I think that I should study about math too because I'm very very bad in math I can only plus and minus a simply number. THIS IS NOT JOKING! 💢

I study in bilingual school since nursery till elementary school (grade 3) and moved to private school since grade 4 till finish high school. See? 😑 every where that I study allowed me to used calculator and its made me being a poor girl 😝 

Okay... let's talk about future life. 🗽

I think I would like to be single till I die, Lol 😂 Now I have 2 nephews and 1 nieces. Them were very cute💙 and this midyear my oldest sister will get married.🎇🎈🎉 She plan to have 2 babies ( maybe, she said ) That's enough for me. I never realize about my wedding party or dreaming of my future boyfriend including my future husband. 

When my friends talk about their boyfriend or girlfriend, I just only listening when they choose this topic for chatting. Okay I used to talk with them once and it ended up by my friends yelled to me that I'm daydreamer Lol 😜 (never get angry with true story) 🎃

I grew up in a lovely family.✌ They always complete me anyway. buy anything that I want. And all of my family done for me made my type is very high that I think he may not exist on Earth LMFAO 💫

What type a man am I like? 💬

I like a man who is a romantic man, very neat, speak politely, honor and respect others and also be family oriented (because I'm full Thai I must be serious about this point) DO NOT be alcoholism and smoked cigarette  (this point is very necessary reasons of I'm allergic that smoked and I'm a bit allergic alcohol; prove by their smell) have responsibility, non violence, be diligent working, honest, amusing, brave, clever, dependable, easygoing, energetic, helpful and humble. and last one HE MUST NOT TELL LIES 💢

He doesn't necessary have too much money, just be clever man and diligent that's enough. But he should have some his own money, reasons of I absolutely hate gigolo.👎💣 

got it? 😎

Ummm~ It really hard to find someone who has all of this 😅 That's not my mistake, go to asked my dad why he's spoiled me this way 😹 

If I can't got this type, I'll never upset

No expectation, No disappointment 

I planning my life after graduated already even though I didn't go to university yet, LOL. I plan to bought a condominium🏨🏡 and let people rent it, meanwhile I working in my dream company (god please bless me🙇💞) bought a car 🚗and let a foreigner who come to travel in Thailand rent it (the lucky fact is I live in tourist province) 

Then when my nephews and my nieces grown up. I'll spend more time with them and train them like American teach their kids (cause I grew up with this system😉) I don't want my nephews and nieces to be Nomophobia like kids in this day (including adults🚫) 

By the way😼 my short plan is saving money for my new Macbook air 💻in 2 years. just a not serious plan📌. Now I happy with my Acer after I had learned about windows system. That's okay. Probably Acer is prefer for writer like me more than Macbook. Cause I don't like to put Windows in MacOS so it's a bit cumbersome when I want to shared my fiction to published. 📚📦

It's must be easy if I asked my dad to buy it for me, but why should I do that? 😕😟

I'm 19 already. I'm grow up enough not to bother my family with a small thing. 🌼💖


Hope you guys enjoy reading
See you next time 👋

P.A.C.E ✌💕


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